Tip 89: Don’t fear volcanos

Many have heard the frightening media reports of the active volcano, Kilauea, in Hawaii. Although Mother Nature is wreaking havoc in an isolated area of the Big Island (called Hawaii), most of the island chain is experiencing no effects of this continuing lava activity. Don’t be concerned about an upcoming trip to the Hawaiian Island chain. If you’re staying near the volcano (in the Hilo area), call ahead to ask about the impact of vog (volcanic haze). Otherwise, relax, enjoy a Mai Tai and get excited about your Hawaiian vacation!

Girls Trip 2017 - Sarasota, Florida!

Episode 7: Girls Trips

Show Notes:

1. What are positive benefits of Girls Trips?
2.  Why do we feel guilty about taking Girls Trips? What are other obstacles?
  • Mom guilt is hard to overcome but it is worth it for the whole family for Mom to get a quick recharge
  • Money and time are other challenges
  • Prioritizing self vs family or home expenses and spending money on self vs family//home
3. How to overcome obstacles?
  • Start small – consider a driving trip that is only a few hours from home and not as costly
  • Divide and conquer on the tasks
  • Make a goal to get away and budget ahead for the trip
  • Decide how you want to split costs and track spending
4. How are Girls Trips different than other trips?
  • Sometimes I don’t do much planning at all…it’s so rare to just “show up” as many people share the burden of planning.
  • Less stress only worrying only about myself (and cheaper than taking the whole family!!)
5. Girls Trip Favorites:
Best trips for large groups?
  • Rebecca – somewhere near home so more people can afford to go
  • Michelle – a retreat hotel with a lot of variety in options
  • Sandy – consider vacation home rental with a lot of bedrooms and common shared space


  • Rebecca – Vegas (#sorrynotsorry) – recommend Priceline for good hotel deals
  • Michelle – Driving trips with nearby free festivals or museums
  • Sandy – Visit friends and take advantage of some nights with no hotel; Pagosa Springs was a recent favorite near a friend’s house in Colorado Springs

Most relaxing?

  • Rebecca – Napa
  • Michelle – Any beach
  • Sandy – Lake Austin near Austin, TX

Best city?

Quick and impactful?

  • Rebecca – French Lick, Indiana & Downtown Indy (where we get to mention riding elephants again…oh, and a biofreeze massage)
  • Michelle – Sarasota & Epcot Food and Wine Festival (Orlando)
  • Sandy – short cruise from Florida to Bahamas

Spiritual rejuvenation?

  • Rebecca – Memphis – Graceland but more seriously the Civil Rights Museum
  • Michelle – Trips to a faith-based conference with sightseeing on the side
  • Sandy- Lake Austin
All time favorite?
  • Rebecca – Maui
  • Michelle – Maui; Lake Austin gets honorable mention
  • Sandy- French Polynesia island cruise including Bora Bora

Next up?

  • Rebecca – Lisbon, Portugal & the Canary Islands
  • Michelle – Palm Beach, Florida
  • Sandy – Asheville, North Carolina
6. Parting advice on taking a fabulous girls trip?
  • Save a date and book well in advance; unless you pay upfront for a hotel, you can usually cancel very close to your travel dates without penalty
  • Create a schedule of events with variety; make plans that suit nearly everyone’s needs and then just go with the flow – not everyone may want to do everything and that’s ok
  • Agree on a budget and secure some of the costs so you have real commitment
  • Don’t sweat the details – you’ll have a blast even if some small things go wrong




Tip 88: Be ready for rain at Disney

Headed to Disney World during the summer? Be ready for the daily afternoon rain showers. It happens- almost every day. Don’t let it ruin your vacation! Consider packing rain ponchos and umbrellas. With proper shoes, you can continue the fun in the rain. Before the downpour, you’ll notice the rain clouds. Plan ahead for indoor activities such as catching a show in a theater or a mid-afternoon snack in a restaurant. Of course, it is also a good time to take the Monorail back to your Disney Resort hotel room for an afternoon nap! The sun will come out again.


Tip 87: There is More to Orlando Than Theme Parks

Yes, it is true. Orlando is home to some of the best theme parks in the world. But, that is not all Orlando has to offer. Don’t overlook the opportunity to take advantage of the many outdoor activities available such as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, fishing and top-notch golfing.

If a more relaxing vacation appeals to you, check out the many fantastic spa facilities and wide restaurant options to entice even the most demanding foodies. With outlet malls galore, everyone can find a good deal while
shopping. To view more fun options for your Orlando adventure, check out:
11. Be Ready for the Rain- Headed to Disney World during the summer?


Tip 86: Stopping your postal mail

Planning to be gone on a lengthy trip? If you are in the US, you can consider contacting the US Postal Service to hold your mail while you are gone. It is as easy as visiting and selecting “Hold Mail”. This avoids an overflow of mail and doesn’t require assistance from a neighbor or friend. You control which days your mail is held and the date of the bulk delivery to your home once you return. It’s all available online!


Tip 85: Carry small currency

Considering that I typically use my debit or credit card, I rarely carry cash with me. If I do think about stopping at the ATM to get cash, I end up with a bunch of $20 bills. This is not so helpful when you’re faced with tipping situations during travel. Be sure to have a stash of smaller bills with you to show your appreciation for the bag handlers who assist you at the off-site parking lot, the airline terminal and at the hotel.


Tip 84: Long cruise at a discount

Are you a cruise traveler who just loves being on the ship? If so, checkout the repositioning cruises offered by most cruise lines. Depending on the season, cruise ships will run different routes. For example, one ship may transition from doing Mediterranean cruises in the summer to Caribbean cruises in the winter. This means the ship will need to make a one-way trip across the Atlantic ocean. Typically, these cruises are sold at a discount and have just a few port stops with many days at sea while crossing the ocean. You’ll get the same lovely cruise experience at a fraction of the cost!