Tip 86: Stopping your postal mail

Planning to be gone on a lengthy trip? If you are in the US, you can consider contacting the US Postal Service to hold your mail while you are gone. It is as easy as visiting usps.com and selecting “Hold Mail”. This avoids an overflow of mail and doesn’t require assistance from a neighbor or friend. You control which days your mail is held and the date of the bulk delivery to your home once you return. It’s all available online!


Tip 79: Use the Designated Cell Phone Lots at Airports

We love picking up our friends and loved ones from the airport. However, it can be tricky perfectly timing our arrival at the airport with their stepping out onto the curb with their bags. To ensure a timely pickup without the need for our guests to wait, check out the designated cell phone lots.

Most airports now have spacious, designated parking spots in near proximity to the passenger pick up area. They’re safe,convenient and there is no need to keep circling the airport. If you’re lucky, you may even find a public restroom available while you wait!


Tip 73: Fastest customer care is through Twitter

All airlines, hotels, airports, etc now have Twitter and they usually monitor it something fierce.

Before you waste a lot of time standing in line to rebook a flight, as a example, hop on Twitter and send the airline customer service a note. In our experience the issue was resolved 2x faster than waiting in a physical line at the airport.

Go digital!


Tip 70: Block Out Noise on Airplanes/Hotel Rooms

We’ve all been on planes or in a noisy hotel and desperately wanted quiet. There are quite a few options to block out noise – some more expensive than others. Bose has a few products such as noise cancelling headphones and earbuds, as well as noise masking sleepbuds with an app. Cheaper options are earplugs and utilizing a sound machine app on your phone with earbuds as these apps do not require internet access.