Tip 77: Have copies of Passport

Luckily we haven’t needed it yet, but we scan and email ourselves copies of our passports before a big trip.

My parents like to take physical copies with them, but I have decided electronic copies are ok for now.

What has worked best for you? Have you found this helpful in the event a passport is stolen or lost?


Tip 66: Check the Expiration Date on Your Passport

Passports have an expiration date.  Of course, your passport must be valid for the extent of your international trip.  However, many countries also require that your passport be valid for a period of time following your trip (e.g., 6 months).  Check the requirements of your international destination and your passport expiration date well in advance of your trip.





Tip 65: Doublecheck the Name on Your Travel Documents

The name on your airline ticket should exactly match the name on the photo ID used for traveling.  Have a middle name on your photo ID?  If so, make sure your middle name is on your ticket, not your middle initial.  Be aware that the way your name is listed on your Driver’s License could be different from how it is listed on your passport.  You can be denied boarding if your names are not a perfect match.




Passport and camera accessories

Tip 41: Research your visa requirements

Recently I have learned I need a visa to travel to Australia and Cuba. While I expected the visa I needed for China last year, these came as more of a surprise. Fortunately, however, I found out about them ahead of time and they can both be processed rather quickly.

How do you know if you need a visa for your travels?  Here are a few sites that can help you figure that out:

CIBT Visa site – use the search box

Travisa site – use the search box

Airport bathroom

Tip 37: No bathrooms before border patrol/customs

Today I had to walk a mile, literally, in the Los Angeles airport just to arrive at the boarder entry & customs. There were zero bathrooms between my plane and baggage claim. Luckily I had anticipated this and made sure I wasn’t in desperate need of a bathroom stop when the plane landed.

I can only assume this is on purpose, but it is rather annoying nonetheless. Just remember to be sure to use the bathroom before you land on future flights that involve passport checks and customs.