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Episode 19: In Transit – High Flying

  • Booking:
    • Discount flight notifications for deals from your nearest airport delivered to your email nearly daily for  $25/year –
    • Join frequent flyer programs and look for ways to double dip
    • Prices often change late Monday nights so Tuesday is the best time to shop. Some advice suggests 3pm EST is the best time to shop for a fare on Tuesdays.
  • At the airport:
    • Research baggage prices and buy ahead – find out if the prices will increase if you wait to purchase at the airport
    • Also research size requirements as weight and dimension can differ by airline
    • Container store has nice small bottles for carry-on fluids
    • TSA Pre-check or  Global Entry are nice options for reducing your wait and streamlining your security experience; your credit company may reimburse this – look into it
    • Clear is a new option in a few airports
    • Global Entry is also a nice option which helps you clear customs faster when returning from out of the county; it includes TSA pre-check benefits

Tip 68: Reusable Travel Size Bottles

Having to fit all liquids in a quart size bag can be a challenge. Consider buying Nalgene brand bottles as they are truly leakproof. You can also buy .5 ounce bottles, which will hold plenty of shampoo, conditioner, etc. for even week-long trips. They take up much less room than the standard 1- 3 ounce bottles that usually remain halfway empty. You can buy them at the Container Store or online.



Tip 65: Doublecheck the Name on Your Travel Documents

The name on your airline ticket should exactly match the name on the photo ID used for traveling.  Have a middle name on your photo ID?  If so, make sure your middle name is on your ticket, not your middle initial.  Be aware that the way your name is listed on your Driver’s License could be different from how it is listed on your passport.  You can be denied boarding if your names are not a perfect match.





Tip 43: Motels vs Hotels in the US

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel completely safe when people can access the door to your room without another layer of security. For this reason, I almost never stay in anything labeled a “motel” in the US as they are more often configured like the picture above.

We also never book a hotel without taking a detailed look at the photos on the hotel or booking website.

Reviews from past customers are also really helpful to give you a sense of the hotel security and safety of the surrounding area.

More on the definitions of hotel and motel here:

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Tip 39: Calming travel anxiety

While none of us @leadtravelpray are truely anxious travelers, there are situations that definitely make us uneasy or stressed. Missed flights, sick relatives that we are rushing to be near, turbulence, close connections, lost bags….we have experienced these things multiple times and more. Each leads to stress and concern, but we know many people to are anxious just at the idea of travel itself so that is our focus of this tip.

Mostly we use prayer and meditation to get to a calmer state. Yoga and essential oils are also becoming part of our occasion routines. What do you find makes you most calm?

Here’s some good advice we found to pass on to you: