Tip 59: Download Entertainment for your Travels

Depending on your mode of transportation, movies or TV shows may be available during your trip.  However, there is no guarantee that you’ll like the options provided.  To help the trip go by faster, download your favorite programs to your laptop, tablet or phone before you leave.  Movies can be rented for as little as 99 cents from your favorite online provider and results in hours of entertainment.  If you decide to not watch a rented movie that you downloaded, it may be available for up to 30 days for you to watch later.




Tip 57: Check into Flights in Advance

Today, airlines provide multiple ways to check into flights including via mobile apps.  Most airlines will allow customers to check in up to 24 hours in advance of their departure.  Don’t wait until you’re at the airport to check in.  Airlines can oversell their flights and give away your seat if you don’t check in by their prescribed time.




Tip 50: Borrow travel books

I admit I am mostly a consumer of digital content these days and mostly rely on podcasts and Google searches to learn about areas I am traveling to. Still there is a huge benefit to travel books and maps..I love maps! So while we have previously suggested ebooks and related apps, this tip is all about the good old fashion page turner.

Have you considered borrowing travel books rather than buying them? Honestly I hadn’t as I regularly buy the cheapest, newest used book I can find on Amazon, but recently my son wanted to spend a rainy afternoon wondering around the library…and I wasn’t about to discourage that. I was surprised at how many travel books, magazines and videos were available for loan at our local library. We’ll definitely be back soon!

Now off to study up for our upcoming Cuba trip!


Tip 46: Don’t rely on airport or hotel USB ports

Maybe it is just my luck, but the airport USBs never work. Even though they are now placed in very convenient spots around the seats at the gates, they are usually broken or don’t seem to be getting electricity. The best bet to avoid this problem in a hotel room, train station or airport is to carry the socket part so you can use good ole outlets rather than hoping you’ll find a working USB port.


Tip 44: Hotel apps are becoming more useful

Recently I had an overnight flight and arrived at the hotel many hours before the typical check-in time. I had assumed I would have to check my luggage with the hotel desk and walk around town sightseeing for a few hours before I would be able to access my room, however I had “checked in” to my hotel via the mobile app which I can only believe is what led to me being so lucky as to have priority to a ready room.

Just has checking in to planes as soon as possible allows you to pick good seats, it appears hotel app Check-in also has advantages. In addition, you can use these apps to order room service, request items you forgot, or ask for more towels, etc. We also enjoy having a “mobile key” where our phone serves as a replacement (or backup) to a physical key.

In essence, hotels are becoming more “digital” so you just may want to take advantage of that on your next stay!