Tip 99: Favorite Tips (part 1)

We appreciate anyone who read all #100days100traveltips that might have just taken a bit over 100 days.¬† But anything good is worth waiting for, right? ūüėȬ† Here’s a quick summary of our favorites:
Top Airport tip?
  • Rebecca – don’t expect USB charging ports to work – the hardly ever do – so you’ll want to carry a wall plug and find an outlet near a seat or in a restaurant
  • Michelle – buy a snack – you never know how long you‚Äôll be on the flight
  • Sandy – bring a refillable water bottle

Top Hotel tip?

  • Rebecca – join the rewards programs and take advantage of dual reward credit earning with other travel partners like the rental car
  • Michelle – ask for a better room or upgrade, the worst they can say is no
  • Sandy –¬† be aware of resort fees!

Top Road trip tip?

  • Rebecca – look at the gas gauge to know which side to fuel up your rental car
  • Michelle – take lots of snacks, especially for driving at night
  • Sandy –¬† Look for fun opportunities to make fun pit stops along the way at unique places

Tip 76: Ask the hotel for available upgrades

You don’t know what is possible until you ask. When checking in, see if there are options to upgrade for a better view. Often there is a cost, and you might find it’s not worth it. But sometimes the upgrades are complementary so it never hurts to ask!

Why miss out on the beach view, if you can help it!


Tip 74: Take Toilet Paper to Cuba

This may sound like super odd advice, but I was so thankful the cruise line gave us a heads up before we disembarked at Cuba. Sadly most charter buses (cruise excursions, included) and restaurants in Cuba did not have toilet paper. Also, many tourist stops and restaurants charged a dollar for access to a bathroom. Best to be prepared and carry a roll with you!


Tip 73: Fastest customer care is through Twitter

All airlines, hotels, airports, etc now have Twitter and they usually monitor it something fierce.

Before you waste a lot of time standing in line to rebook a flight, as a example, hop on Twitter and send the airline customer service a note. In our experience the issue was resolved 2x faster than waiting in a physical line at the airport.

Go digital!


Tip 53: Travel with a LED nightlight

Hotel rooms are very dark at night and it can be very disorienting to wake up in a strange room.  Traveling with a night light can be comforting for kids and useful for adults who need to get up in the middle of the night.  The new LED night lights eliminate the fear of having a broken light bulb in your luggage.




Tip 52: Join Hotel Loyalty Programs

Hotels are competing for your business and reward loyalty.  Sign up for free hotel loyalty programs and be sure to list your loyalty number on each reservation.  In addition to earning free night stays, you may also be eligible for valuable room upgrades and free amenities.  Even if you rarely stay in hotels, your loyalty number could earn you free bottled water, free Wi-Fi, free parking or even a late check out.