Tip 95: Buying Souvenirs

It can be easy to buy souvenirs for yourself of others if you collect specific trinkets such as t-shirts, bottle openers, magnets, etc.  However, many people do not have collectibles and yet we want to remember the trip.

Consider buying something that you will regularly use, and it will remind you of the trip every trip you use or wear it.  For example, buy jewelry native to your destination, perfume or soap that reminds you of a local scent, or a dress/shirt that will remind you of the trip.

credit card

Tip 36: Credit Card PIN numbers

In the USA, we typically only need to enter PIN (personal identification numbers) on debit cards not credit cards. In many parts of the world, you need PIN numbers for both types of cards. You may want to call ahead to your credit card companies before you travel to see if you can set up a PIN.

As noted in a previous tip, it is also helpful to alert your bank of your travel plans. Many have an online form you can complete to set that travel alert.


Tip 25: #Crowdsource tip time! What are your favorite travel shoes?

We’re now a quarter of the way through #100days100traveltips and we’d like your help!  What shoes are your favorite to pack for a trip?  Whether it be form or function, what do you suggest to fellow travelers?  Comment here to share your ideas!

Airport Shopping

Tip 24: The best Duty Free deals

Many airports now have an excellent selection of local and high-end shops.  Duty free deals, which avoid some import duties and taxes, can be a great bargain…but it’s not always the case.  Savvy shoppers know how the airport or duty free prices compare to the retail price at home.

Here are some comparisons:


More good advice:





Tip 19: Best Souvenir recommendations

Curious about what to bring home as a gift for someone or yourself to best commemorate a fantastic trip. Here are some ideas…

For every US state – http://www.thisisinsider.com/best-souvenirs-in-us-2017-9

For 20 European countries – https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/the-best-souvenir-to-buy-in-20-european-countries-a7955276.html

From the Caribbean – https://www.frommers.com/slideshows/818343-7-best-souvenirs-from-the-caribbean

More ideas –