Tip 83: Double-check What Is Included on Discount Airlines

Have you seen those crazy low airfare advertisements? Is a $29 flight to Orlando really true? Well, it depends. Yes, you may be able to get a flight for $29. However, to select a seat, check a bag, bring with you a carry-on bag or order a soft drink during flight, be prepared to pay.

Before booking the cheap flight, consider the add-ons you expect to have. The low-cost providers’ websites outline how all their fees work. The total cost may be well above $29. Don’t be surprised during your travel!

Euro receipt

Tip 4: Pay in local currency to save money

Is it better to pay in foreign/local currency or your home one when given the option at the check out counter? Experts agree the conversion rate and fees are better if you pay in the local currency. So next time you get the option, chose the currency of that country and not your own. More on dynamic currency conversion here.

German Hotel

Tip 1: Pre-paying helps spread travel costs

Pre-paying for leisure travel hotel stays can help with budgeting and paying for the trip. You will know exact costs early, and it lessens the burden of the costs during the trip itself. Many hotel chains now offer cheaper pre-paid rates. Make sure you are aware of cancellation penalties.  Vacation rentals (e.g. Airbnb) also often require a portion of the total rental to be pre-paid as a deposit.