Tip 79: Use the Designated Cell Phone Lots at Airports

We love picking up our friends and loved ones from the airport. However, it can be tricky perfectly timing our arrival at the airport with their stepping out onto the curb with their bags. To ensure a timely pickup without the need for our guests to wait, check out the designated cell phone lots.

Most airports now have spacious, designated parking spots in near proximity to the passenger pick up area. They’re safe,convenient and there is no need to keep circling the airport. If you’re lucky, you may even find a public restroom available while you wait!


Tip 21: Driving on the other side of the road takes some getting used to

Driving on the left side of the road in Ireland was a difficult mindshift. We recommend you visualize yourself turning out from gas stations and entering and exiting roundabouts before you hit the road. It is also helpful to find an empty parking lot to practice shifting with your left hand, if you end up with a manual transmission car in Ireland…like we once did.

Here is some more advice:





Movies on a tablet

Tip 7: Free Audiobooks and more for travel

Did you know you can rent & download audio books for free if you have a library card? Zinio (RBDigital) for magazinesOverdrive (Libby) for books, and Hoopla (music/audio books/TV) are all great options. We like to listen to books when traveling by plane, train and car.