Tip 75: Cuba travel advice

Yesterday we shared a tip on making sure you carry toilet paper with you while visiting the island. That was honestly the best advice we got prior to our trip so it felt worthy a separate post.

Here are some other tips:

  • You will need a visa if traveling from the US. Airlines and cruise lines sell them. They are about $75/person and can be issued immediately.
  • CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) is the main currency. There is another option, the Cuban Peso, bur that is more for locals. The CUC is pretty much dollar to US dollar but the exchange taxes the conversion of US dollars something like 13%. It is more advantageous to convert from Euros so we had planned ahead and brought those instead. Also, US banks cannot concert the cash for you so it is something you have to do once you are in Cuba.
  • As of this writing, you can bring back 100 cigars and 1 liter of rum duty free per adult traveler. It is best to buy both from official retailers to avoid fakes.
  • There are hundreds of classic cars for hire relatively inexpensively. A fun way to view the city!
  • Drink only from sealed, bottles beverages.

Havana highlights:


Tip 51: Traveling with Pets

Taking your favorite pet with you on your next trip? You will want to do your research on pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, flight guidelines and more.

Here’s some advice to get you started:




If you travel regularly with your pets, what tips would you recommend for someone less familiar?


Tip 49: Check your gate & enroll in text updates

Just because your boarding pass lists a gate number, it does not mean your plane is actually going to show up at that gate. 😉

Often changes happen that require the gates to shift. Our best advice is to check the gate on the monitors in the airport once you arrive and again after you pass through security.

It is also helpful to sign up for the text alerts. Of course each airline’s app can also provide such information and notifications.

As you can see there are plenty of helpful options to keep you informed and from having to sprint at the last minute to a new gate!


Tip 46: Don’t rely on airport or hotel USB ports

Maybe it is just my luck, but the airport USBs never work. Even though they are now placed in very convenient spots around the seats at the gates, they are usually broken or don’t seem to be getting electricity. The best bet to avoid this problem in a hotel room, train station or airport is to carry the socket part so you can use good ole outlets rather than hoping you’ll find a working USB port.

Mobile boarding pass

Tip 31: Electronic boarding passes

Electronic boarding pass or paper? We often prefer an electronic or mobile when not checking a bag which helps you skip the airline counter all together. The main tip we have is to take a screen shot or save it to your phone before you head to security so you do not run into issues where there is a pour internet signal once you get in to the security area. Trust us on this one.

Also, most machines read the boarding pass best when the screen is fully lit so you may need to adjust your phone settings.