Tip 74: Take Toilet Paper to Cuba

This may sound like super odd advice, but I was so thankful the cruise line gave us a heads up before we disembarked at Cuba. Sadly most charter buses (cruise excursions, included) and restaurants in Cuba did not have toilet paper. Also, many tourist stops and restaurants charged a dollar for access to a bathroom. Best to be prepared and carry a roll with you!

Sydney from a bus

Tip 34: Hop on hop off best bus seats

The best hop on hop off bus seats aren’t in the front row of the top. The glass causes reflections on your pictures and will leave you disappointed. Instead sit half way back on the top. Also, pay attention to the location of the top sights as that may help you decide which side to sit on. Of course, we like to move back and forth between the sides so hopefully you can do that, too, on a less full bus.

Today Rebecca is enjoying Sydney from a hop on hop off!