Tip 76: Ask the hotel for available upgrades

You don’t know what is possible until you ask. When checking in, see if there are options to upgrade for a better view. Often there is a cost, and you might find it’s not worth it. But sometimes the upgrades are complementary so it never hurts to ask!

Why miss out on the beach view, if you can help it!


Tip 52: Join Hotel Loyalty Programs

Hotels are competing for your business and reward loyalty.  Sign up for free hotel loyalty programs and be sure to list your loyalty number on each reservation.  In addition to earning free night stays, you may also be eligible for valuable room upgrades and free amenities.  Even if you rarely stay in hotels, your loyalty number could earn you free bottled water, free Wi-Fi, free parking or even a late check out.




Tip 29: Maximizing frequent flyer miles

Did you know you can give a rental car company your airline frequent flier number to earn extra points?  The same works for hotels! It’s called “double dipping” or “crossover rewards”.  Next time you travel, ask if there is a benefit to giving the hotel, airline, or rental car company an additional rewards number to record in their system. Chances are you can earn more points!

Here’s some more info on the current programs that allow you to “double dip”: https://thepointsguy.com/2016/05/maximizing-crossover-rewards/