Episode 10: Island Vacations


Show notes:



    • Molokai
      • Molokai: The Novel by Alan Brennert
      • Kalaupapa tour (Sandy likes the airplane option vs the daredevil donkeys) – historic location where Hansen disease (lepers) patients were relegated in the early 1900s
    • Hawaii Island, also known as the Big Island




    • Tip: take Toilet paper with you – you can’t rely on it to be available at tourist stops, restaurants or on bus tours
  • Iceland
    • Blue Lagoon hot springs
    • Be prepared to pay a lot for most food; lamb and seafood are the way to go as they are native
  • Indonesia – Lombok
    • Black “Sand” beach


  • Australia – Sydney
    • Bondi Beach



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    • Sydney Harbor bridge climb



  • French Polynesia
    • Bora Bora




Tip 18: Get 2 trips in 1 with extended layovers

Last year we traveled to Paris on IcelandAir. We took advantage of the extended layover option and spent 2 days enjoying Iceland on our way to Paris. There were no additional fees on our flight…and the round trip was also very reasonable! Here’s more on what IcelandAir offers: https://www.icelandair.com/flights/stopover/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9YqnwoTw2gIVRgOGCh0-dAkIEAAYASABEgL7sfD_BwE

Here are some more resources on extended layovers: