Tip 73: Fastest customer care is through Twitter

All airlines, hotels, airports, etc now have Twitter and they usually monitor it something fierce.

Before you waste a lot of time standing in line to rebook a flight, as a example, hop on Twitter and send the airline customer service a note. In our experience the issue was resolved 2x faster than waiting in a physical line at the airport.

Go digital!


Tip 65: Doublecheck the Name on Your Travel Documents

The name on your airline ticket should exactly match the name on the photo ID used for traveling.  Have a middle name on your photo ID?  If so, make sure your middle name is on your ticket, not your middle initial.  Be aware that the way your name is listed on your Driver’s License could be different from how it is listed on your passport.  You can be denied boarding if your names are not a perfect match.





Tip 62: Join Rental Car Loyalty Programs

Rental car companies give preferential treatment to their loyal members.  They may provide car upgrades or let you select your own car.  But one of the biggest perks is the ability to be automatically assigned a car such that you never need to stop at the rental car desk.  You can move from baggage claim directly to your car’s parking space.  No need to wait in lines!





Tip 57: Check into Flights in Advance

Today, airlines provide multiple ways to check into flights including via mobile apps.  Most airlines will allow customers to check in up to 24 hours in advance of their departure.  Don’t wait until you’re at the airport to check in.  Airlines can oversell their flights and give away your seat if you don’t check in by their prescribed time.




Tip 54: Travel with Non-Perishable Snacks When Flying

Parents know the importance of packing snacks when traveling with children.  However, we don’t heed the same advice when traveling solo.  Although snacks are available for purchase at the airport and in the airplane, there is no guarantee that you’ll have time to stop and shop or that your preferred snacks will be available.  Unexpected travel delays happen and being hangry doesn’t help anyone.  Have at least two non-perishable snacks with you- the more protein, the better.