Tip 55: Keep a Travel Blanket in your Carry On Bag

Most overnight flights provide airplane blankets to customers.  However, there is no guarantee that the free blanket will be available to those in coach.  Airplanes are also notoriously cold.  Depending upon your seat, you could feel a draft throughout your flight.  For women, consider buying an inexpensive pashmina to serve as a blanket, pillow, or wrap (for chilly restaurants) – it is  a multi-purpose piece that is great for traveling. Be prepared and keep a travel blanket in your carry on bag- just in case!

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Tip 39: Calming travel anxiety

While none of us @leadtravelpray are truely anxious travelers, there are situations that definitely make us uneasy or stressed. Missed flights, sick relatives that we are rushing to be near, turbulence, close connections, lost bags….we have experienced these things multiple times and more. Each leads to stress and concern, but we know many people to are anxious just at the idea of travel itself so that is our focus of this tip.

Mostly we use prayer and meditation to get to a calmer state. Yoga and essential oils are also becoming part of our occasion routines. What do you find makes you most calm?

Here’s some good advice we found to pass on to you:




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Tip 33: Best travel pillows

Hi Lead.Travel.Pray. friends and family! It’s time for another #crowdsource answer. This is Rebecca and I have a problem with travel pillows. None, natta, not one seem to help me get comfortable to sleep. So help a girl out! Do you have a favorite travel pillow?  If so, share it with us here by commenting below.

Also, perhaps you have a favorite traditional pillow…you know the kind you sleep in a “normal” bed with?  We’d be interested to hear about that, too.  I mean…who doesn’t want to sleep better whether it be at home or on the road!