Tip 42: Toddler travel tips

Years ago my 3 year old refused to go the bathroom for more than 7 hours at Disney World because the automatic flushing toilet terrified her. Eventually a seasoned Mom suggested I put my purse in front of the toilet sensor to keep it from triggering the flush and that did the trick!

The other good trip I remember is to being zip lock bags to hold partially eaten meals. Especially on vacation, kids are often too excited to sit for a meal so they leave too much food behind and then are hungry a couple hours later.

Here is some other good advice we found:



Passport and camera accessories

Tip 41: Research your visa requirements

Recently I have learned I need a visa to travel to Australia and Cuba. While I expected the visa I needed for China last year, these came as more of a surprise. Fortunately, however, I found out about them ahead of time and they can both be processed rather quickly.

How do you know if you need a visa for your travels?  Here are a few sites that can help you figure that out:

CIBT Visa site – use the search box

Travisa site – use the search box

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Tip 40: How to pack light

We have previously shared advice on packing mix-and-match outfits to save room and reduce the amount of clothes you pack, but it is still tempting to cram our bags full. Recently one of us took a 10 day trip and packed 4 outfits that were never worn. We’ll protect the guilty, but it’s a good reminder that even seasoned travelers struggle to keep with the minimum and not pack for every worse case scenario.

Rolling clothes is definitely our favorite way to keep items visible (like packing vertically versus layering clothes on top of one another). This helps you remember what you have added to your bag to increase the chances you pick more items to mix and match. It also helps the clothes arrive at your destination less wrinkled.

We found some more good advice on packing light here:



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Tip 39: Calming travel anxiety

While none of us @leadtravelpray are truely anxious travelers, there are situations that definitely make us uneasy or stressed. Missed flights, sick relatives that we are rushing to be near, turbulence, close connections, lost bags….we have experienced these things multiple times and more. Each leads to stress and concern, but we know many people to are anxious just at the idea of travel itself so that is our focus of this tip.

Mostly we use prayer and meditation to get to a calmer state. Yoga and essential oils are also becoming part of our occasion routines. What do you find makes you most calm?

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Tip 38: Gas or no gas in your water?

Yep, it’s a thing. In parts of the world, you’ll be asked if you want your glass of water to have “gas” or “no gas”.  You might also be asked if you want “sparkling” or “still”.  As you might guess, no gas and still are the same as regular water.  Sparkling and gas water have bubbles/carbonation. So which do you prefer, gas or no gas?