Tip 72: Don’t Skip Breakfast

When traveling, it is easy to get out of our routine and skip meals. Breakfast tends to be an easy one to skip, but there are drawbacks and it can make your travels difficult if you are hungry or get rushed to find your next meal.

Consider passing on the hotel breakfast one day, especially if it is not included, and go to a local café.  This is a favorite past-time when traveling places like New York City and Europe. Check out a small café…they are almost literally on every street. You will get a feel for the city and what it is like to live there. It’s also a fun way to take in some people watching!

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Tip 32: Checking airplane amenities before your flight

On most airlines, you can now check your meal, WiFi & entertainment options before departure. We like this option as a way to look forward to long flights. It could just be there are some movies you are excited to watch (often very current/just out of theaters).

Here are some of the airlines’ inflight entertainment pages:

American Airlines


Southwest Airlines