Tip 93: Research Restaurants in Advance

There are a many ways to research restaurants in advance to find new places to try and determine if making a reservation is important. Consider going online to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives to find great local places you may not ordinarily select. Emeril Lagasse has restaurants in several cities that are amazing – check in advance to see if there is one in your destination city; make sure to book a reservation well in advance. Utilize Yelp to find restaurants that are highly rated – I found a wonderful Thai restaurant in Toronto this way. Make a reservation through OpenTable, even at the last minute to avoid a wait, or ask the concierge at your hotel for a recommendation and reservation – sometimes they can give you discount coupons too.


Tip 72: Don’t Skip Breakfast

When traveling, it is easy to get out of our routine and skip meals. Breakfast tends to be an easy one to skip, but there are drawbacks and it can make your travels difficult if you are hungry or get rushed to find your next meal.

Consider passing on the hotel breakfast one day, especially if it is not included, and go to a local café.  This is a favorite past-time when traveling places like New York City and Europe. Check out a small café…they are almost literally on every street. You will get a feel for the city and what it is like to live there. It’s also a fun way to take in some people watching!