white airliner wing on top of sea clouds

Beware of the Basic Economy Airline Tickets

We’re all looking for a good deal on airfare and today’s easy access to travel sites allows us to compare and contrast fares across airlines. Travelers may expect to tack on additional costs to the ultra low cost carriers’ tickets but beware that the basic economy tickets on major carriers may also lack some of the standard options. These lower ticket prices may include restrictions like no seat choice, no carry on baggage, no upgrades and no qualifying frequent flyer miles. Read the fine print and be sure that the airline ticket you purchase does in fact include the options that are important to you. We love a good deal at LTP, but not at the expense of our upgrade eligibility!


Tip 63: Don’t Want to Talk to Your Chatty Neighbor on a Plane?

We’ve all been there.  The friendly person next to us wants to be our BFF but we want to be left alone.  If you’ve already pulled out a book to read, put in your earbuds and they’re still talking to you, consider starting a new conversation with “As my cat Mr. Peepers always says…..”  One or two of these fictitious stories should lead your neighbor to start reading their own book.




Tip 58: Choosing the Right Seat on the Airplane

Planning to sleep on the entire flight?  If so, secure a window seat so that you don’t block others from exiting into the aisle.  No one likes to be awaken just so a passenger can move around.  No one likes to wake a sleeping stranger either.  Want to move around the plane during the flight?  Reserve an aisle seat.