Tip 96: Book Spa Appointments in Advance

This is especially important if more than one of you are trying to book appointments for services at the same time. Consider booking a couple of months in advance – the more people you are booking for the earlier you should call to book. Doing this via phone rather than online can help to ensure everyone gets the correct appointments.

Also, remember to utilize an onsite spa at your hotel (or go to nearby hotel that has one) if you end up with sore muscles or get a stiff neck from sleeping in a different bed (happens to almost all of us) rather than just pushing through or taking medications. Oftentimes a quick 30 minute massage for the painful spots gets you back in business.


Tip 83: Double-check What Is Included on Discount Airlines

Have you seen those crazy low airfare advertisements? Is a $29 flight to Orlando really true? Well, it depends. Yes, you may be able to get a flight for $29. However, to select a seat, check a bag, bring with you a carry-on bag or order a soft drink during flight, be prepared to pay.

Before booking the cheap flight, consider the add-ons you expect to have. The low-cost providers’ websites outline how all their fees work. The total cost may be well above $29. Don’t be surprised during your travel!


Tip 80: Plan Ahead to Check Out Popular Tours

To avoid major disappointment, plan ahead to check out popular sites or tours at your travel destination. If you’re unsure of the top activities at your
planned destination, check out TripAdvisor in advance of your travels. If daily tickets are limited for the excursion of your choice, considering ordering them online before you leave. You can then build the rest of your schedule around your anticipated excursion. Trust me, you don’t want to miss Pearl Harbor, Alcatraz or La Sagrada Familia!