Airport bathroom

Tip 37: No bathrooms before border patrol/customs

Today I had to walk a mile, literally, in the Los Angeles airport just to arrive at the boarder entry & customs. There were zero bathrooms between my plane and baggage claim. Luckily I had anticipated this and made sure I wasn’t in desperate need of a bathroom stop when the plane landed.

I can only assume this is on purpose, but it is rather annoying nonetheless. Just remember to be sure to use the bathroom before you land on future flights that involve passport checks and customs.


Tip 20: Border entry forms can be confusing

You will need to fill out a card when arriving to many countries for customs and general entry through border protection. They are usually simple forms, but the fields are sometimes confusing. Here’s the US Customs form as an example.  We suggest searching online to view examples of forms you may need to complete on your journey.



Tip 16: Fruity travel challenges

Fruit is a difficult item to bring home from other states or countries. Be knowledgeable about the border rules so you don’t have to throw away a souvenir or expensive purchase.

The rules are complicated in many cases. Here is a good starting point on Customs and Border rules on plants in the US: