Episode 2: Emotional Intelligence

Show Notes: 

  1. Self Awareness – recognize moods, emotions and drives
  2. Self-Regulation – control/re-direct disruptive impulses and moods; think before act
    • How to develop Self-Regulation: WAIT – Why Am I Talking?
  3. Motivation – passion to work for reasons beyond money & status
    • How to develop Motivation: Reframing – finding the good in difficult situations/interaction
  4. Empathy – understand emotional makeup of others; treating people according to emotional reactions
  5. Social Skills – managing relationships and building networks; find & build rapport


  • Emotional Intelligence benefits of travel
  • Faith’s role in emotional intelligence

1 thought on “Episode 2: Emotional Intelligence”

  1. I was not familiar with the term Emotional Intelligence prior to listening to your post. I found it very interesting and enlightening. Listening to your conversation was a way to do a self evaluation of my own EQ. I did recognize myself in some of your examples; also recognized some other people. I especially liked the ideas of turning your burden to a blessing and starting your day off with a positive practice that sets the tone for your day. Another good job, Ladies!


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