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Tip 33: Best travel pillows

Hi Lead.Travel.Pray. friends and family! It’s time for another #crowdsource answer. This is Rebecca and I have a problem with travel pillows. None, natta, not one seem to help me get comfortable to sleep. So help a girl out! Do you have a favorite travel pillow?  If so, share it with us here by commenting below.

Also, perhaps you have a favorite traditional pillow…you know the kind you sleep in a “normal” bed with?  We’d be interested to hear about that, too.  I mean…who doesn’t want to sleep better whether it be at home or on the road!

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Tip 32: Checking airplane amenities before your flight

On most airlines, you can now check your meal, WiFi & entertainment options before departure. We like this option as a way to look forward to long flights. It could just be there are some movies you are excited to watch (often very current/just out of theaters).

Here are some of the airlines’ inflight entertainment pages:

American Airlines


Southwest Airlines





Mobile boarding pass

Tip 31: Electronic boarding passes

Electronic boarding pass or paper? We often prefer an electronic or mobile when not checking a bag which helps you skip the airline counter all together. The main tip we have is to take a screen shot or save it to your phone before you head to security so you do not run into issues where there is a pour internet signal once you get in to the security area. Trust us on this one.

Also, most machines read the boarding pass best when the screen is fully lit so you may need to adjust your phone settings.



Tip 30: Free audio tours to download

There are many free audio tours for museum visits and walking tours at major cities.  We suggest looking for options for your next trip.  Here are some of our favorites:

Rick Steves –



Tip 29: Maximizing frequent flyer miles

Did you know you can give a rental car company your airline frequent flier number to earn extra points?  The same works for hotels! It’s called “double dipping” or “crossover rewards”.  Next time you travel, ask if there is a benefit to giving the hotel, airline, or rental car company an additional rewards number to record in their system. Chances are you can earn more points!

Here’s some more info on the current programs that allow you to “double dip”:


Hotel Room

Tip 28: Hotel room sizes vary around the world

Hotel rooms vary in size around the world. A “double” in Paris, as an example, means it holds two people not two beds. Be sure to look at the details when booking.  In general, European hotel rooms are quite small. As are New York City rooms sometimes, as compared to other parts of the US.

The same goes for Airbnb or other home sharing sites. Just because it “sleeps 6” does not mean the accommodations are “normal”.  There could be couches, etc. involved or all 6 beds could be in the same room so you cannot assume there are separate bedrooms.

Mom & daughter

Tip 27: Traveling with Mom

It’s Mother’s Day 2018 so it only seems fitting to write some tips for having a great mother-daughter trip.  Mostly we suggest you make sure both of your wishes for the trip are well known before you depart. Perhaps your Mom is hoping for a lot of adventure while you were thinking it was a “rest and relaxation” trip.  Or perhaps you are hoping for some alone time to pause and reflect while your Mom wants to soak up every second of togetherness.  All are perfect wishes, but it is best to communicate them so you know what would make this trip most awesome together.

At Lead.Travel.Pray. we fully endorse fun family adventures. We have had some awesome trips with our Moms including an Alaska cruise, New York City Christmas windows tour, New Orleans garden district, Germany autobahn, Rome and more. We’d also love to hear your stories and ideas for awesome adventures with Mom.

Rebecca’s family used to take a Mom’s “Mystery Trip”. The idea was for all the girls in the family to take Grandma on a surprise trip out of town where everyone would be patiently waiting to greet her.  We all looked forward to these special gatherings.

Here’s some great advice for making the most of a trip with your Mom.

What has been your favorite Mother-Daughter trip?  What travel traditions do you have to share?