Episode 3: Paths Followed by Faith

Questions we considered and hope you do, too:

  1. What are you most grateful for beyond the typical – family, friends, job, etc.?
  1. How can your personal transformation help you to have more grace with the growth of another person?
  2. Where in your life do you need to be brave? How could your faith help you?
  3. Who do you know that is really brave? What does their life look like?
  4. Describe an example of a time where your faith led you down a different path than you otherwise would have gone down? Or a time where you felt like He asked you to do something that made you uncomfortable.

References for things we mentioned:


2 thoughts on “Episode 3: Paths Followed by Faith”

  1. I enjoyed your podcast. I think all three of you were brave in discussing your faith and giving personal examples and experiences. I am currently reading “Perfectly Yourself” by Matthew Kelly which hits on some of the things you discussed. He writes that sometimes we are too hard on ourself, being our own worst critic. He also writes that everyone is “perfect”, just in different ways, which is proven by Jennifer Brinker. Another good job, ladies!

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